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At MPGC, we actively encourage businesses listed in our Business Directory to share their job vacancies with us, as well as those of their trusted partners. For our members, this is an invaluable resource because it ensures they’re applying for positions with freedom-friendly businesses – and what could be better than that?

If you’re a business looking to post a job, please send us all the essential details: a comprehensive job description, required skills, location, your company logo, and contact information for potential applicants. Simply click on the link above for the Business Directory Form.

Make sure to check back here regularly to stay updated on the latest opportunities. Our previously posted jobs have been filled quickly, so ensure your CV is up to date and be ready to seize the next available opportunity.

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1800 123 4567


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1900 223 8899


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1700 444 5578

Volunteering Roles with MPGC

My Place Gold Coast relies on dedicated volunteers to power every aspect of our operations. We firmly believe that each one of us possesses valuable skills that could greatly benefit MPGC, relieving the load on those who currently shoulder more responsibilities than necessary. Have you considered your own skillset (we’re certain you have at least one) and how you might contribute? Whether it’s a regular commitment or an occasional one, even as little as one hour per week, every contribution matters.

Our aspiration is to establish a duo for each recognised role, fostering collaboration and supporting the entire team. If you feel you could be a valuable addition to any of the working groups below please complete the Volunteer Form and email to us at We are currently developing more details for the specific roles and will link these when they become available.

Hub Coordinators

Each Hub Leader oversees their dedicated Telegram Group and collaborates with the Steering Committee. Our existing Hubs encompass a diverse range of interests, including Business, Educare, Food & Gardening, Governance/Law, Health & Wellness, Humanitarian, and Social Networking. We’re also eager to explore additional special interest groups, so don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us. Your input is valued and welcomed.

Event Planning

The Events team brainstorms and develops events aligned with the MPGC mission and goals. They develop plans, budgets, timelines and task assignments. Oversee all aspects of the event on the day, manage schedules, emergencies and trouble shooting as well as effective communication and coordination of all the team members and external vendors.

Membership & Outreach

Focuses on recruitment, engagement and maintaining relationships with members. Develop strategies for attracting new members and develop activities that encourage member involvement and participation. Maintain a member database to ensure accuracy of member information.

Marketing | Communications

Manages the MPGC online presence, social media and promotional activities. Ensures a professional presence is maintained – branding, language, visuals, logos etc. The team creates engaging, informative content, including articles, graphics and videos. They facilitate communication between members, ensuring they are kept up to date with events and initiatives.

Business Directory Management

Maintains the Business Directory, encourages new listings and helps businesses update their information, This group could also incorporate liaising with local businesses who are aligned with our values for sponsorships (special fundraising events), in-kind contributions (such as printing or equipment, facilities etc). They will gather feedback from businesses to improve their directory experience.

General Tasks

Our community thrives on the support of volunteers, and there’s always room for more willing hands. The more individuals who step forward, the stronger our community becomes. You might consider arriving a bit early at meetings or events to assist with setup, or lending a hand with packing up afterward. Perhaps you have a knack for finding project quotes or can recommend a business for our Business Directory. No effort is too small, and every contribution matters. We need you!

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Contact us with any questions you may have – whether it be regarding a job post or general enquiry.

If you are a business and would like to be included in the Business Directory, please complete the form or contact us asap.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Form and email to:

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