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Welcome to My Place Gold Coast’s Business Hub, where business and community unite for a common cause. Our directory is more than just a listing of local businesses; it’s a testament to our shared values of freedom, unity, and support. Here, you’ll discover businesses that not only provide excellent products and services but also champion the principles we hold dear. Explore, support, and be part of a community-driven effort to uplift our local economy.

The Mission of the Business Hub

At My Place Gold Coast, we believe that businesses play a vital role in shaping the community’s identity and values. That’s why our mission is clear: to spotlight and support businesses that stand for freedom, quality, and ethical practices. We are committed to:

Promoting Freedom

We champion businesses that respect individual rights, privacy, and freedom of choice. These businesses uphold the values of personal liberty that are dear to our community.

Supporting Local Economy

We recognise the importance of a thriving local economy. By supporting local businesses, we contribute to the growth and prosperity of our communites

Shared Values

Our directory features businesses that align with our shared values of community, sustainability, and empowerment. These businesses share our commitment to positive change.

Become part of our Business Directory

My Place Gold Coast Business Directory

Are you a business owner who shares our vision? Join our directory and become part of a community of like-minded businesses. By doing so, you not only gain exposure but also contribute to a collective effort to promote freedom, unity, and ethical business practices.

Support | Engage | Empower

Use our directory to make informed choices. Support businesses that stand for the values you believe in. Engage with the community, share your experiences, and empower one another. Together, we can build a vibrant and values-driven local economy.

Why Choose Businesses in Our Directory:

  • Quality Assurance: Every business in our directory is carefully selected based on their commitment to quality, ethics, and values.
  • Community Impact: By choosing businesses from our MPGC  Business Directory, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re contributing to the betterment of our community.
  • Freedom-Focused: These businesses respect your individual rights and freedoms, ensuring a respectful and dignified customer experience.

Explore Our Categories: Our directory encompasses a wide range of categories, including but not limited to:

Local retailers, Dining & Food, Services, Health & Wellness, Entertainment – and the categories are growing. Everyone can help expand our business directory.

Our Catch-Ups!

We thoroughly enjoy connecting with our fellow members from the Business Hub. Our gatherings usually take place at freedom-supporting, cash-friendly cafes or restaurants. Here, we engage in lively discussions, foster camaraderie, brainstorm ideas, and explore how we can actively contribute to this vibrant community.

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