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My Place Gold Coast is where freedom meets community. We’re here to break free from outdated systems and create a brighter, more liberated future. Join us in building a world where services are accessible to all through collaboration, innovation, and shared knowledge. Together, we actively shape our future, making My Place Gold Coast your place for empowerment and unity.

Our Hubs

Hubs are dynamic special interest groups initiated by MPGC members. Feel free to join as many hubs as pique your interest. Engaging conversations and exciting activities are organised exclusively on the Telegram App. To become part of a group, simply visit our Contact page for the relevant Telegram address.


We’re well underway to creating the My Place Gold Coast Business Directory with a unique mission: supporting the businesses that champion our freedoms. It’s a collective effort where every one of us, regardless of whether we’re in business ourselves or not, can play a part in uplifting our local economy and promoting our shared values.

Food & Garden

Are you passionate about gardening and interested in sustainable practices? Here’s the perfect group. We’re an energetic group of avid gardeners who come together to support our shared love for the earth. Whether it’s mulching, plant care, making homemade jams for our community markets, or preserving food, everyone is welcome to join our bustling hub. 

Health | Wellness

Good health is the foundation for limitless possibilities. Discover excellent resources for enhancing your well-being and fitness levels, ensuring you stay at your best – from complimentary to premium classes, led by seasoned experts many of whom are integral members of the My Place community, reinforcing our commitment to mutual support and growth.


The “Humanitarian” hub serves as a beacon of hope and advocacy, championing the rights and dignity of all. Our humanitarian group tirelessly works to combat injustice, promote equality, and empower marginalised communities predominantly in Australia and sometimes worldwide. Together, we stand for a world where every individual’s fundamental rights are protected and upheld.

Governance | Law

Staying informed about what’s debated and legislated in our parliament can feel like a never-ending task. But fear not – this is your go-to hub for staying updated on the latest important bills. We’ll not only keep you in the loop but also show you how to become an active voice in your community, advocating against detrimental laws the government may be trying to pass.


In today’s world, parents’ active involvement in their children’s education is paramount. Stay informed about the curriculum in public schools, discover effective ways to communicate with your child’s school, and express your concerns regarding any inappropriate content. Explore the world of homeschooling and stay tuned for valuable insights on this essential platform.

Unity | Social Networking

My Place AUSTRALIA has recently launched its very own social media platform, called the Unity Hub. Imagine the best features of Facebook, the seamless messaging of Messenger and the privacy of Telegram all wrapped into one incredible platform. Well, wait no longer – it’s here. Come inside and see the benefits of membership and a new way of keeping in touch.

Do you have a great idea that will benefit the community?

Have you been contemplating a grand project or do you possess an exceptional idea that could benefit our community? We’re all ears!

Our dynamic community is continually growing, and our members are passionately engaged in various pressing humanitarian issues. So, why wait? Be proactive and initiate the process by completing the form below. We’re excited to collaborate and see how we can bring your ideas to life.

MPGC Events

Listed below are just three recurring events you’ll want to know about. For all other events please check out our events page or keep your eye on our Facebook page, Telegram channels and our fortnightly newsletter.

MPGC - General Meetings

Next Meetings For Your Diary

Wednesday 17 January 2024
Wednesday 31 January 2024
Wednesday 14 February 2024
Wednesday 28 Februrary 2024
Wednesday 13 March 2024 [Market]
Wednesday 27 March 2024 [1-Yr Old]

MPGC Market Day - Seasonal

Wednesday 13 March 2024
Bring a table and set up your own stall.
Come along, bring your friends and support our amazing community. Herbs | Veggies | Jams | Jewellery | Wellness Products | Books | Clothing .... and heaps more fun.

We Support 'A Stand In The Park'

A Stand In The Park is a world-wide initiative where freedom-loving people simply come together in a park and chat - no agenda, no religion, no leader. Just a nice way to get together once a week and mingle with each other.

In unity we find our strength;
In community we discover our our place

The MPGC Motto


Tell MPGC visitors who you are and why they should choose your business

Because when a visitor first lands on our website, you’re a stranger to them.  We are here to help promote your business so visitors can find businesses that align with their values and offer high-quality and competitively priced services and goods. They have to get to know you in order to want to read your blog posts, subscribe to your email newsletter, or buy what you’re selling.

My Place Gold Coast Business Directory


Whether you’re curious about who we are, our goals, or how you can become involved, we’re here to answer any questions.


Since 2020, I found myself increasingly isolated due to my stance against enforced lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination pressure, which often meant exclusion from venues and activities. I felt like the odd one out among my friends and family. Then, I discovered My Place Gold Coast, and it transformed my life. Now, I have a supportive community where I can freely express my views, make new friends, and delve deeper into my interests. Moreover, I've found a platform to make a real impact in our community, utilising my skills to help others. MPGC is changing lives, including mine, in remarkable ways.
Meredith Menzies

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